Published 14. April 2023

Company presentation April 2023
Presentation of Norcod as of April 2023.

Published 18. June 2021

Sirena Aqua
Sirena Aqua is exclusive marketer of Norcod, an international pioneer in sustainable aquaculture.

Published 4. November 2021

Norcod Q3 Webcast
On the forefront of cod farming

Settling new aquatic territories


For the very first time, premium quality Cod can now be produced successfully on a large scale.

Our commercial breakthrough arrives in a time where the market is increasingly demanding stable deliveries of fresh cod. Meanwhile, the wild fish population is under pressure, leading to smaller fishing quotas and growing prices.

All agreements and permits are in place. And so are our production capabilities from fry to harvesting, processing, and distribution. We have a highly stable production that’s been in development since 2002.

These factors place Norcod in a truly unique position.