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Secure your share of our exclusive Atlantic Cod. We deliver fresh all year round.
Guaranteed supply all year round Stable prices / fixed contract prices
• Unparalleled freshness
• Consistent high quality
• 9% higher fillet yield
• Naturally bred
• Sustainably farmed

A lifetime of care

The cultivation of our North Atlantic Cod requires meticulous attention and care. Depending on sea temperatures, the process takes 15 to 18 months.

From the cold clear waters of the Norwegian Fjords
Sales & distribution


Norcod proudly partners with Sirena Group on sales and distribution of our Atlantic Cod. Please get in touch with us if you wish to secure the freshest cod in Europe.  

North America

Darrell Roche
t. +1 709 738 6580

Marius Linstead
t. +1 709 743 8809

United Kingdom

Steven Tilston
t. +44 (0)1925 649 231

European Union

Jesper Mike Venøbo
t. +45 21 45 57 25


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