Cultivating the best cod in the world

The Norcod adventure

Norcod is the culmination of a highly ambitious endeavor to raise premium Atlantic Cod sustainably and commercially. A massive challenge that’s never been solved—until today.

Now in its sixth generation, our Cod is naturally bred in Norwegian fjords, bringing our customers a truly delicious product of consistent first-rate quality.

Innovative partnerships across borders and industries allow us to tailor production to individual customer needs, effectively eliminating the traditional unpredictability in prices and supplies.


Skogsøya & Pålskjæra


Trondheim Headquarters

Finnangerøy (together with Namdal Settefisk)

Our locations

Our North Atlantic Cod is raised under excellent conditions in environments similar to those of the wild-living Cod.

The farms are located in prime spots that offer the optimal temperatures, current conditions, and water depths for our stock.


On shore and at sea, the Norcod operations are in safe hands with our highly skilled team. They work round the year, and in any kind of weather, to make sure that our fish are healthy and our customers perfectly happy.


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Feed operator
Management group

Christian Riber
+47 905 37 990

Hilde R. Storhaug
+47 958 66 964

Kia Zadegan
+47 915 85 801
Tsjipke Deuzeman
+47 977 83 336

Arne Kristian Hoset
+47 988 10 282

Julianne Jacobsen
Fish Health Manager
+47 950 87 617

Ingrid Johansen
+47 413 39 133
Marthe Skånøy Halvei
+47 902 61 023
Martin Waade
Technical Manager
+47 456 01 729

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